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'Your Sins Are Forgiven You' (13th-16th May)

Another C-YA Online Camp took place on 13th-16th May under the theme of 'Your Sins are Forgiven You'.

There are a lot of Christians in the world and on top of that there are many Christian Youth. But how many of these youth can say that they have received the true forgiveness of sin?

Every time we hold these camps, we come across many Christian youths who have the passion and the zeal to follow the Word of God and the guidance of Christ, but yet have not resolved the problem of sin in their hearts. This was the camp to solve those problems.

Through various activities, such as the ice-breakers and Bible Quizzes, a lot of the participants began to feel a lot more comfortable and began to open their hearts.

When the most important part of the evening began - the sermon by Pastor Ock Soo Park - most of the students began to take their notebooks out to catch every detail.

Over the 5 sessions, Pastor Ock Soo Park (the Founder of CLF and C-YA) explained step-by-step about our relationship with Jesus through the example of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.

"The man who was caught among theives did nothing to be saved. He was the saviee. It was the Good Samaritan who did everything for the man who was caught among theives. He is the Saviour. People say that we need to do something to be saved but that is not the case at all. We are the Saviee and all we can do is believe in the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and what he had done for us on the cross!"

Post-sermon, there was an opportunity for the different youth around Europe to gather into groups and share their reflections that came from the sermon.

Here are some of their testimonies:

Jodie (United Kingdom)

"I am so happy that I could be saved through C-YA. Before I received salvation, I said that I was a sinner, but sin still remained in my heart. But when I heart the true Gospel and that I was justified, I was so happy. Even afterward, whenever I get to preach the Gospel to my friends, it makes me so happy."

Teodora (Romania)

Although I grew up in a Christian family, I was not interested in God. I lost all reason to believe in God. However, while participating in the Camp, I began to cry and open my heart. Not only that but I was able to learn the heart of God exactly through C-YA. I am so thankful for the words that say, "salvation is like a gift that God has prepared to give us and that all we have to do is believe.

Every time we do such Camps, we are able to see how God is bringing so many of his children back to him. That is why we will continue to preach the Gospel until every youth in Europe and beyond is saved.

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