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God's Will Hunting (11th - 13th March 2021)

A new year began and there was no better way to start CYA in 2021 than to organise a Camp that sought to establish the will of God in the hearts of the Youth across Europe. With over 200 total participants from all over Europe, there were a variety of programs that kept the students engaged and interested, such as the Bible Quest Games, Learning Worship Songs in different languages and the Group Discussions.

But, as always, the sermon, this time delivered by Pastor Timothy Oh (Senior Advisor to CYA Europe, Overseeing Pastor of Churches Together Crystal Palace) was the highlight. Throughout the three days, which consisted of three evening sessions, Pastor spoke about the difference between the righteousness of man and the righteousness of God. He said that regardless of how we looked in our own eyes, if God says that we are righteous, then we are righteous! It is now the will of God to go to the 'Mount of Olives' to proclaim the Gospel of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

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