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Gospel Boot Camp (29th April - 1st May)

From the 29th April - 1st May, the students of C-YA got together for a 3 Day Gospel Boot Camp.

Although many of the C-YA members had the vague heart of wanting to share the message of Jesus with their friends and family, they often fell at the first sign of rejection and many of them even refused to do so because of what other people would think of them. That is why this Gospel Boot Camp was so important. Guest Speakers from Israel and Finland came to deliver the sermon for the students.

In the first 2 evenings, Missionary Abraham from Jerusalem, spoke to the members about the importance of faith when we preach the Gospel.

When you preach the Gospel, your efforts are not what's important. Rather the most important thing is having faith that the person in front of you is someone that God has prepared for you and someone that He will save. We do the speaking but the one who does the saving is God.

Then on Saturday, Missionary Kim from Finland used the story of the man who was caught among thieves and the woman who was caught in the act of adultery to show the important relation of the Saviour and the Saviee.

The only people that can ever be saved are those that are in the position of a sinner that has completely failed before God. Through the law, God teaches us how impossible it is to receive eternal life through our own righteousness. Once we realise that we are sinner who cannot do anything, that's when we can meet the Saviour.

Over the Gospel Boot Camp weekend, many of the C-YA members were able to receive new strength in their hearts and the faith that when they go out to preach, God will save their friends and their family. Now the only thing remaining is looking forward to how God works through the youth in C-YA to preach this Gospel around the whole of Europe.

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