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"I am Christian" Camp (4th-5th June)

Most students are now coming to the end of their semesters and they are ready to enjoy their summer holidays. Although their studies may have come to a halt, their spiritual lives are just beginning.

That is why we prepared the "Guide to Christian Youth Life" which focuses on the type of life that Jesus wants us to live in our youth.

Many students were able to participate around Europe to initially talk about the problems that they have with relationships and careers with respect to God.

But during the sermon, Missionary Lee from Haiti delivered the word that changed the perspective of the participants.

Everyone, when you have received salvation, you received the mustard seed inside of your heart. The mustard seed may seem small but once it grows, it becomes one of the biggest trees where many animals can find rest. In the same way when the Gospel inside of your heart grows, and your preach this Gospel to the people around you, I tuly believe that you will be able to become a tree under which so many people will be able to find peace and rest.

For too long, the focus of the C-YA members has been on ourselves. But when we shift the focus on preaching the Gospel, we believe that God will solve the rest of the problems for us.

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