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Spain C-YA Hangout Online (08.08.2020)

This past Saturday, our first official C-YA Meeting Online was held by C-YA Spain in which the participants and teachers of the past C-YA World Camp 2020 (30th July - 1st August 2020) were able to meet each other and share their hearts.

At first it was a feeling of awkwardness was there since none of them knew each other, but while the meeting moved on we started to feel more familiar with each other; the meeting began with the participants sharing testimonies and talking about the word that they received, it was amazing to see how many blessings they received through this camp.

After the testimonies the CYA Advisor from Spain, Pastor Juan Park shared the gospel with the participants and they listened to the sermon with a lot of interest and an open heart, after the meeting, Pastor had a meeting with a girl from Palma de Mallorca who found us through Instagram and they spoke about the chance of making an event in a not-so-far future.

All things considered, we can boldly say that it was a very fruitful meeting and it was a blessed time for all of us, we are looking forward to keep meeting with the Spanish Youth, we strongly believe that God have great plans for all of us.

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