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Germany's Faith Manual (20-21 Nov 2020)

How do you live your spiritual life? What do you follow?

This is the answer that we strove to answer during this camp. Our CYA members in Germany brainstormed the different ways in which the Christian Youth in Germany could learn how to live their spiritual lives according to the Bible.

There were a variety of programs such as the Inbox Talk Show where we accepted commonly asked questions which were then answered by our CYA Advisor Pastors.

Moreover, through the skit of Luke 10, about the man who was caught among thieves, it became evident to all the participants that the Good Samaritan was not someone that they could become but rather that they are much more like the man who was caught among thieves.

When we are able to acknowledge that this is the case and that only Jesus is the Good Samaritan, automatically, we would no longer look to ourselves or own works for our salvation but to Jesus. Finally, every session concluded with the most important program - the message from our CYA Advisor Pastor.

Pastor Timotheus from Dusseldorf spoke about the ark of Noah. 'No matter who we may be, as long as we enter the ark of Noah, we would have been saved from the judgement of God. In the very same way, it is only through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus that we are able to gain eternal life' His conclusion was this: 'True spiritual life is not choosing the Words that fit your thought but choosing the Word of God before your own thoughts. A Christian must be able to deny their own thoughts and accept what the Word of God says' The path to having faith seems clear. Faith is when we believe in the Word of God rather than our own thoughts. We believe that there is no other manual greater than that.

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