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6 Countries, One Heart (08.08.20)

Our first C-YA gathering with 6 countries around Europe was organized last Saturday on 8th August.

Our event started with a prayer by the CYA Advisor from North Macedonia followed by worship and Cultural Dance from South Korea.

Next, we had Ice Breaking Games to break that slight awkwardness that still seemed to linger in the air. The 2 games were perfect for the participants to be able to take a step closer to one another.

After the games, we got the opportunity to see short feedback presentation and the memorial video from the W.O.W World Camp. It was a way in which the youth could reflect on what they had learnt and reminisce about those happy memories.

The feedback and testimonies which were given by the participants were really precious. The STOP Session was one of the favourite programs of the camp. The participants expressed how they could listen more, share their hearts and get closer to the true gospel through these sessions.

After the feedbacks and testimonies, we had time to listen to the sermon from Pastor Jinsoo Kim from Finland.

He emphasised that we need to have lots of pipes, lots of connection between different people because that is what will lead us to a healthy mindset.

Our thoughts are wrong, we need to connect, make lots of pipes in order to our heart to breath.”

Through this meeting we were really thankful to hear the feedback and testimonies from lots of participants especially, from those who have participated C-YA meeting for the first time. We are looking forward to our next C-YA Gathering, where our participants will go one step forward toward the gospel.

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