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First Ever Collaboration with CLF, 'United We Stand' (15.08.20)

On 15th August, we were able to invite Pastor Ock Soo Park live and join together with CLF to hold this European Conference.

The morning began with testimonies from C-YA World Camp participants.

Enxhi / Albania

"Through the word and group fellowship, I was able to open my heart toward God. I hope many others can also experience the love and faith that God has prepared."

Immanuel / Israel

"As I was listening to the word from Pastor Ock Soo Park, I've realised that I'm righteous and learned how to share my heart with others."

Teodora / Romania

"I've gained strength in my heart that allowed me to overcome difficulty while spending such a wonderful time through the Camp. I've become righteous through God and realised that He is always with me."

This was followed by the performance by the Gracias Choir, through whose music, God worked to open the people's hearts before listen to the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park.

When the long-awaited sermon finally began, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the Founder of both CLF and CYA, spoke about how even though many said Elisha was a great servant of God, there were only a few who believed in his power. The little maidservant of general Naaman believed for certain that her maser's sickness will be healed if he stands before the prophet Elisha, and in the end, her master's leprosy has healed. When the death of Jesus is added to the equation of one’s sins, it is so easy to realise how simple it is that His blood washed away all of our sins.

Whenever we listen to the word of God, it is so apparent how different it is to our own thoughts. However, once we are able to humble ourselves and throw away what we believe to be right and true, we can see how blessed we are to be able to witness God's work in our lives. We are so happy that we have the opportunity to listen to the sermons of Pastor Ock Soo Park because, every time that we do, we are corrected to stand on the correct path. We cannot help but be hopeful for God has prepared for us next.

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