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CYA Saturday Night (29.08.20)

On the 29th of August we held one of our weekly events, CYA Saturday Night.

Couldn’t make it this week? No worries! As it is written in the name, it is going to take place every Saturday night now on, so make sure to join us whenever you have time!


This time, we started our meeting with prayer. We thanked God for allowing us to meet despite all of the things that are going on in the world at this very moment.

Then, we learnt a song in Spanish called ‚Dios está aquí’, which in translation means ‚God is here’. We surely felt His love and His grace that He Himself bestowed upon us during this meeting.

Next, a CYA World Camp participant, Teodora from Romania, shared her

testimony with us. She talked about how meeting God during our events changed her and how she started having a heart that wants to work together with us for the church.

We, then, had a performance of Kari Jobe which, I believe, that brought us all closer to God. Her lyrics quote ‚No one is like You, Jesus’, ‚We’re in love with You’.

The highlight of the night, however, was Pastor Timothy Oh’s sermon preached the Word of God from Song of Solomon, 1:1-6. Here comes out the story of one of King Solomon’s wifes. In verse 5, we can see 2 kinds of perspectives. First, she herself says ‚I am dark’, so we understand that she is conscious of her situation.

Later, she says, ‚Look not upon me, because I am dark’, but then we can see how God worked in her heart and made her see not with her own eyes, but with the eyes of her husband. She can, then, say boldly ‚I am dark, but lovely’

No matter what kind of situation we are in, only when we look at God and the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for all of our sins, we can see that God, in His perfection, loves us. The pastor, today, taught us how to say ‚Yes, I have sinned, BUT I am righteous’ because that is what God wants to hear from us.

In Isaiah, chapter 57, verse 19, God tells us ‚I create the fruits of the lips’. We can say that we are believers of God only when, despite our circumstances, we speak His words.

Next, we had the famous STOP sessions, where we divided into smaller groups in order to openly share about our hearts.

We ended our meeting with a game on Kahoot which, eventually, taught us more about the Gospel.

We believe that God has lots of plans for us, so we are looking forward to meet you all again in future meetings and learn together about His Word.

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