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Good News Corps

Now Recruiting

GN Corps Now Recruiting! (1st Class)

 Key Information 

Number of Recruits: 100

Deadline for Application: 30th April 2021 (Online)

Duration of Volunteer: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months

Dispatch Date: Approx July 2021*

Eligibility: Non-Married Youth or University Student
(less than 30 years old)

Choice of Volunteering Destinations: Asia, Africa, South America 

Activities: Community service, Mission work, European Cultural Exchange (Language, Culture, Music, IT, etc)
Cost: You are responsible to pay for your flight, visa applications and personal expenditures. Food and Accommodation will be provided throughout your stay



 The Application Process 




Still have Questions? Contact us Here

 Are you Ready to Start your Good News Corps Experience? 

GN CORPS Overview


GN Corps is a unique opportunity for Christian college-aged men and women to travel abroad and directly engage in all aspects of a foreign culture: language, cuisine, performing arts, and many more


GN Corps is a volunteering program designed to:

  • Advance international collaboration and exchange

  • Participating in expanding Christian missions work:evangelism, education, training, and special events

  • Provide other services that improve the quality of life and spiritual wellbeing of natives in your host country


GN CORPS in Numbers

GNC Numbers.webp

GN CORPS Core Activities


 Mission Work 

You will be participating in a wide range of different activities, varying from branch to branch, to preach the Gospel. 


 Interpretation | Translation 

Wherever you are, you will have the opportunity to learn the local language and act as global Ambassadors for major events. 


 Continuing Education 

Enrich your host country by teaching different subjects, utilizing your passions and skills to educate and inspire others. 


 Youth Outreach 

Become a positive role model for at-risk youths by serving as group counselors and program managers for IYF events


 Cultural Exchange 

Experience foreign culture and share your own. When you return from your host country, you’ll have the chance to showcase your experience through exhibits, dances, songs, testimonials, and many more 

GNC Activities

GN CORPS Host Nations

GNC Nations

Most of the host nations listed below are registered NGOs in their respective countries.
Volunteers from Europe are usually dispatched to countries in South America, Africa, and Asia–regions with the greatest need for volunteers.

The following shows the breakdown of volunteers across the globe.   


GN Corps Testimonial


When I decided to join GN Corps, I chose South Africa. I went there to meet a friend of mine called DooDoo, whom I met in a previous international event. Eventually found her mother and she told me DooDoo had died of AIDS. I was devastated. From that day on, I paid regular visits to those same slums so I could spread hope to children suffering and dying from HIV. This became my dream.

I eventually returned to Korea and started a medical internship. It was a very difficult road, but my dream gave me the strength to move forward. I am now a doctor and a missionary in Benin and I always have the chance to treat those who are in pain and despair. GNCorps taught me what it means to serve others, but also how to nurture my own dreams. 

Dr. So Young Park, Former GN Corps Volunteer to South Africa

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